The people in your life

You know, for the longest time, I had a note like that on my mirror but over the years, I have learnt this is actually one of the worst pieces of advise ever.

I would like to change this to “The only people you need in your life are the ones you feel you need.” It kind of reminds me of something an uncle of mine said to me many years “Give to others what you think they deserve- take from others what you think you deserve” and then there will never be a feeling of obligation or a case “I should”.

I have MANY people who need me in their lives, but they may not always be the people I need- I need some people in my life, all the time:

– My mother: yeah, she needs me and I need her
– My mother’s boyfriend: definitely a case of me needing him more than him needing me- this has no corelation to the love we feel for each other
– My best friend, Ryan: totally mutual- we both need each other but to varying degrees for various different aspects of our lives
– My best friend, Winnie: again, mutual but I suspect I need her more- she is a lot more independent than I am
– Some of my other friends: some need me, some I need- you know what, it’s just the way of life- after all, if we were all mutually dependant to the same extent, life could potentially be very boring- though, the one relationship which I think should be such is that of a couple- a husband and wife but even that I don’t think would have the two people equally dependant on the same aspects as a complementary relationship is always much stronger.

Over the past few weeks, I have had a chance to reevaluate my relationships- partly ‘cos I have had to, partly ‘cos I have been forced to, partly ‘cos I have realised how I need to grow up and take some responsibility for elements I had just taken for granted and so going forth, I am only going to focus on relationships I need and if those people need me to, I am in luck- I am gonna put a stop to the tit for tat that seems to be constantly surrounding the way we deal with things these days.

And now- to go celebrate life and one of those people in my life that I love spending time with!

Laters peeps- enjoy a fabulous weekend 🙂


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