Told you 2012 will be awesome

And for the most part, 2012 has been way off plans but still brilliant, or maybe, that’s why brilliant and awesome.

– I started a new company and it may not have gone the way I wanted, I tried. I have some good options and hopefully, it will work out soon.
– I have been very sick and it has been a harrowing experience and to have gone to the levels of depression that I did and to have come back out knowing that was not a me I was comfortable with made me realise yet again who I am- basically, an optimist
– I have a fantastic set of friends- the last few days of constant partying define that too
– Despite all odds, I am going on a quick trip to India with a 3 day holiday in Turkey thrown in

For the first quarter of the year to have thrown such results already, one has no reason to complain- after all, Life Is Grand, as the Irish would say.

And oh- Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂 Here’s to being Irish

And one of the best ways to celebrate it is with this pack of sweets



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3 responses to “Told you 2012 will be awesome

  1. Enjoy your trip to India; that should be a really fun experience – and another added bonus is that they have yoga lol:)) Great post :))

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