“She deserved it”

As a victim of sexual abuse myself, I have always felt like an outcast to the society even without mentioning it- despite the rational understanding that almost 25% of people have been victims at some point and 60% of those are from people we know. I might be that unlucky statistic who has been a victim thanks to both a known and an unknown person.

I think the words in this image captured at one of the Slut Walks are absolutely fantastic!

I yearn for the day people mature up and smell the coffee.



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4 responses to ““She deserved it”

  1. free penny press

    Remember, your past need not dictate your future.. you are not an outcast..
    love that young woman’s words!

    • I absolutely agree and now talk rather freely of what I went through but it took me a good 12 years of keeping it inside me. Thanks for your words and I agree, I love the young lady’s words.

  2. mrslolad

    Am also starting to talk about what happened to me. I hate that society apportions blame to us, the victims, so much so that we doubt and blame ourselves. Not any more.

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