Colours of life

One of my favourite festivals EVER is Holi- the pure spirit of freedom, colours, friendship, hope, optimism that this one day captures is just amazing- I have come across those who refuse to celebrate and participate because they can’t seem to let go and enjoy themselves…  but to me, it is one of those beautiful ways of celebrating humanity- ‘cos with the mask of colour, the world is a level playing field and I, for one, am a massive fan of equality in a lot of ways! (oh yes, I do pull the “I am a girl” card every so often!)

So though I have reached the stage where I myself don’t miss not getting coloured up and dirty and having a good time, I do have amazing memories of the celebrations over the years- with my family, with my friends, in India, in Ireland and you know what, they make me smile.

So instead, today, I will raise a vodka and a toast to that hope and optimism and warmth that Holi still inspires in me but I will not regret not being home getting dirty in the garden.



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