Gullible me!

No matter what movie I watch, I feel there is a part of my life being represented in it- is this just me being gullible or is it the directors doing a brilliant job…

Today it is “Two week’s notice”- the relationship between Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, and their professional relationship- the interesting bit is the end… and is it that these fantasies make me believe in the best of everyone and everything. And is this why I expect too much at times- like expecting my best friend to come visit me when I am sick, like a hug from my mother (well I would have gotten that if things could be!), like expecting people to do the right thing and not get caught up in their bloody ego wars!

The argument about perfection reminds me so much of exactly what a friend and I used to fight about- he said those very words to me and so it amuses me to see them being repeated, word for word on telly. Sigh.

Someday, I am going to make the time, if I could care enough, to put together my life through movies… have often been asked to write a book so this may be the easy option out hehehe.


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