“One Day”

"I love you so much but I really dislike the person you are 
at the moment"
 "She made you decent and in return, you made her so happy"
 "She was my best friend"

There were just moments in the film that made me think can a man and a woman just be friends, ever?

What is weird though is that it took them 14 years to get together- seriously, at that stage, is it truly love or just companionship? Or is it the latter that one looks for… I mean, I certainly don’t expect “the spark” to last forever and be the only thing- the laughs, the conversations, the discussions are equally important but as we grow older, is it cynicism, is it maturity, is it (yet again) companionship that makes us choose a friend?

I presume, these being questions that have been in the universe forever that answers are going to be few and varied and as such, this shall remain rhetorical.

*Spoiler Alert* Don’t watch the film if you want a romantic ending ‘cos even though it ends on a happy note, the girl dies. What’s the point of making a film where there is no happily ever after?! There is enough tragedy in the real world, at least let the fantasy world be all happy go lucky!

And on a different note- what a coincidence, TSG and I were discussing this film last weekend without realising this was the film ‘cos I hadn’t seen it and he couldn’t remember the name. And if there was ever a relationship that should have been based on the conversations, laughs and spark, that was it but it wasn’t meant to be and today, he is slowly creeping into “my favourite people in the world” list so there, go figure!


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