Break Ups!

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, many people are either remembering their break ups, focusing on break up or like me, just wanting the day to move on… However, the one good thing is the theory going around about how Valentine’s Day is cancelled because: 14-2-12=0 (for the geek in me, it’s caused many a giggle). And the other is this image- not necessarily a valentine one but well, still only come my way at this time… And oh so true, we women tend to assimilate facts, get used to the new ways things are happening and move on whereas men feel the crash later, much later. And in a completely different universe, my personal and professional avatars are fighting- I am delighted Ryan is having trouble with some official stuff and still likes to get my opinions but at the same time, as a mate, I want to help and know that I can’t till he asks me! Wish things could be simpler but sometimes, you just need to let the people make their mistakes and come out flying the other side (hopefully) or else let them make them.mistakes and be there to pick them up the other side (preferably not). Ah well… life’s a journey and an interesting one at that… here’s to the shenanigans coming my way!



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4 responses to “Break Ups!

  1. Garrett Cieslinski

    Very nice post. I hope you write again soon!

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