‘You look pretty’

This week, I heard these words a fair bit- and not from guys trying to hit on me in a pub but from close mates of mine- Candy and TSG being two of them. These are people who are seeing me regularly, so coming from them, these words hold a special meaning and it’s obviously nice to be told I look pretty!

And then I caught up with old colleagues and they all said I look absolutely stunning and well.

Great ego boost 🙂

Now if only I knew what was it that made me look different:

– New makeup? Nothing has changed, except maybe I have become more adept at using it?
– Exercising and fresh air? Potentially!
– SATC life? Could be…
– Getting snuggled, licked and loved by a dog? Definitely one of the factors!
– City living?
– New business?
– Making peace about a certain decision (thanks Candy, I adore you!)
– Or, maybe ‘cos it’s 2012 and therefore, awesome?

Not sure what the reason is but if it gets me so many compliments, whatever it is, please don’t change hehe 😉

And on that note, I bid you goodnight. Sleep tight and sweet dreams, dear world! Love.

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