Different Strokes!

And once again, I am surprised at how different people respond to different things in different ways. I am always amazed at the perspectives people have.

Last night, on Twitter, a friend told me my wordpress id was linked to a name and so out of curiosity, I asked which one- turns out it was my friend’s name- another Indian in Ireland (you have heard me mention in previous posts, infact). What I couldn’t fathom is how her google id and my yahoo id were linked up as one person and was freaking out about her being upset about the information on this blog.

However, she calmly had the situation fixed- people who previously got an email from me and have me in their contacts can see her name but no one new would be able to. This upsets me but it was like water off a duck’s back to her! I still feel guilty as I feel I have compromised her online presence and impersonated as someone else.

In other words, I am still PMSing. NOT good. Ugh! Why can’t life sort itself out.

Off to meet TSG tonight and hoping a hug from him will sort me out!


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  1. Update: Hug and chat with TSG sorted me well!

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