Meh, men!

On a dating site, a friend’s friend contacted me- not knowing it was me!

And when I mean my friend, I mean a very close personal friend who shall rename unnamed for the sake of her privacy. And when I mean friend’s friend, I mean more than friends.

Seeing the two of them together, I had thought this whole “friends with benefits” lark could work for strong women but today, I learnt, it doesn’t- it doesn’t work for anyone. If there are two people, just having fun, one of them is likely to get hurt and more often than not, it’s the girl. At the end of the day, people’s interpretation of this situation is different and it’s not always an easy talk- and most men, don’t want the talk!

Women are nurtured to be a one-man-gal, a monogamist creature, a penguin but men- no matter what, you can’t take their cave activities out- they want to sow their seeds in as many as they can and you know what, they do it without realising they are hurting you. Meh!

How can the two genders be SO differently wired?!
How do so many people manage fwb relations without any issues??
How do strong women like my friend and me mess up on something so insignificant?!
Why do women’s reactions come out so strongly and why do men think we are drama queens when we are just emotional?! Let me blow the steam out and I am all good.

Oh, so many questions, such few answers. And while I am on the roll of questions, do universal contour wraps really work or are they a gimmick?


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