Many moons ago, I was single- both SL and TL were not on the scene and I was beginning to wonder what it would be like to be with a lady…. not wanting to shy away from curiosity, I hooked up with a few different ladies- nothing serious.

Tonight I came across one that helped me tick off a few of those fantasies that I have never achieved… stranger, one night stand, female s*x. It was one of those really memorable hook-ups that I had actually completely forgotten about till tonight- when I saw her in a night club. We both saw each other and froze, smiled and carried on as if we didn’t know each other. Bar that split second of recognition, no one would have guessed. It was odd. And then we ended up in the ladies at the same time and gave each other a hug, reminisced and yet again, didn’t exchange names so as not to mar that memory.

How tiny is this world?!



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