You are who you are!

Last night I went to see the much acclaimed “Iron Lady” and came out a little disappointed- I think they tried to be too experimental and tried to merge too many different stories into one- the premise seemed to be her dealing with Maggie Thatcher dealing with her husband’s death!

The story seemed to have been written so you came out liking her, rather than it being simple facts where one could judge for themselves- before this, I may not have disliked her as much as I did after- they made her come across as “holier than thou” and I am not too sure that’s a true reflection of her! She had passion, she had ambition and she didn’t need anyone to tell her to go get it all- fair play to her for the courage and guts she displayed!

However there is one statement she made which really stood out with me “In the end, people will forget you and all you did”- fact, we may have left a legacy behind, we may have changed history but sometimes people will not remember some of the biggest decisions one makes and hence, the riding force should always be your own faith and belief, I believe. I know she made it sound more as a sense of disappointment and acceptance but I don’t need to read that into those words hehe 😉

So go on embrace your “you”ness and make the decisions that you truly think reflect your beliefs and that you know you can absolutely stand by!

(Yeah I know this post is all over the place but hey, it’s my space so deal with it ;))


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