Sniff, cough, sneeze, sniff, sniff, cough- that’s what I sound like these days!

So today, I went investigating what causes so much phlegm in my system and there are a lot of different reasons, primarily the sign of bacteria and infection being in my system- I could have told you that :/

Interestingly, different colours of phlegm mean different things- my doctor even went as far as suggesting the colour of mine could signify “cystic fibrosis”- yeah whatever, I may have a lot of things but that is SO not a condition I have- I have absolutely no other symptoms and this is the first time this has been thrown up! Seriously, Irish medical association needs to pull itself together.

However, apparently the psychological reason is “Too much going on at once“- SOOOO true! Now this makes so much more sense to me. I am trying to get my life into a simple pattern and struggling big time- here’s hoping little will be going on at once and I can focus only on the things I need to focus on!


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