True Love

One of my closest friends (shall remain unnamed) broke up her engagement today. It was obviously not an easy decision for her to state, him to accept yet they have been so civil about it.

I was asleep when I got the message informing me- yet I woke up within 2 mins of her message despite having missed 10 other messages and 2 calls- I suppose its true when you truly are tuned into something, you know about it.

The good news is they will remain friends and are talking about all the stuff they have together and willing to do what it takes to do it as cleanly and with as little pain as possible.

Selfishly, I get to move in with her, both of us get to be single girls in the city together and I get to have dogs in the house (scary as I know my lifestyle and my scatterbrainess- main reason I am not having kids yet!!)

My thoughts are with the two of you. Lots of love guys- you are an inspiration to us all about what true love really is- esp when it stops being romantic.


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