An Unexpected Call

Earlier today, I was sitting and enjoying a movie at home, doing some work, flirting on text with a couple of different guys and just planning a few different things in my life…

I finally managed to speak to my oldest mate- not old in age but the one I have known for the longest time of my life! It was good to take stock with her, she knows me better than anyone else, she sees things I don’t see, she takes me for who I am and she is the one person who has truly taught me the value, the truth, the beauty of unconditional love.

And then I spoke to my closest mate. It was nice talking to him, even if only for about 20 mins, it was good to talk and have his attention. I miss the conversations we used to have and I think he does too. He agreed with a lot of different things on my plate and made some points that I had been trying to get him to see for the past while.

I commented saying it’s weird he and I were thinking alike and he thought it was an odd comment since “we always think alike”- I had forgotten that about us and I kinda let it slip that I have more of a conversation in store, face to face.

There was no plan for us to talk, I thought he was doing many things and so I didn’t expect to see him till Sunday night and maybe only have a very boringly polite conversation.


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