Sometimes I don’t understand my friends

Last weekend, Tigger sent me an email that obviously meant a lot to her and was tough for her but I have to admit, I can’t see her perspective.

However, each to their own and so I will respect her wishes ‘cos that’s what friendships are all about, at the end of it all. You know when I broke up with TL, the best thing I learnt was the act of humanity his best friend showed me and trying to pay it forward certainly backfired for me.

On the other hand, I hung out twice with another friend’s best friend- alone, just us and the friend who introduced us was totally delighted!

Ah well, different strokes for different folks.

And… been really sick the past few days and I was just totally out of it today, still am. Decided to treat myself to something different and cooked up a cod+chickpea tomato stew with cous-cous, the experiment was delightful and definitely something I will repeat.

For now, let’s try and get some work done while I feel like death warmed up and not death itself!

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