What a week!

I need to repeat, WHAT A WEEK!!

The past few days have been just insane. I have had about 10 hours sleep in the last 4 days, not really celebrated Diwali properly- even though Candy, Ryan and Stewie did make a wee bit of a fuss…

Last night, I broached the subject about making some changes in our team and Ryan agreed- phew. I had the sh!ttiest day yesterday and was very willing to just walk away from it all- darn my loyalty and my emotional involvement in this project. Would have happily left them all to make their mistakes and not correct the stuff they were doing wrong. Apparently while I was away, things went mental (I went to run some errands) and one of the girls stopped everyone and said “if we all do what J has said, it makes sense” and when someone mentioned it to me, it made me smile!

Despite everything, I suspect, I will someday, turn up and remember magical moments!


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