When the tough snap

…they really snap. And today, I snapped. I haven’t felt as abused, as disrespected, as taken for granted as I did today.

I am beyond help- I broke, I have cried for hours, I have been helped by Curly and Ryan’s mum A LOT but I am very fragile and when I cant do what the right thing is, it hurts. I am making decisions that are not the best decisions knowing that and it doesn’t meet my value system, and certainly not those of the organisation either.

I really, truly wish someone would hold me and just let me cry- Ryan’s mother did and it helped but I was embarrassed especially since she knew how in the wrong he was!

These words just seem to have been written with today in mind for me. Hopefully I will wake up more optimistic tomorrow!

I am SO lucky I have the sense to realise what’s wrong and hopefully I can make the right decisions to curtail as much as I can and contain in as much as I can!

All, wish me luck before I end up saying something to someone that will make me regret it later!!! HAPPY DIWALI all- celebrate, eat sweets, light candles and most of all, be happy!

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