Smitten Mitten

Over the last few days, I have spent a fair bit of time with Rower- more than I would have expected to at this time of the year!! But we have both made an effort and it has been very cute.

  • Date #2- he drove me home from Dublin ‘cos my lift wanted to party and I was too tired.
  • Date #3- he wanted to bake cupcakes together (well, post dinner).
  • Date #4- he gave up a night of free alcohol and hanging out with some people he only gets to see about once a year to go to the cinema with me.
  • Date #7- he came down to see me really late on a Friday night, again giving up on free work drinks because it was the only time we would have managed to see each other for a while.

As my friend, The Diva, said- very genteel.

A picture I came across today kinda sums up to some extent the kind of guy Rower is and why despite not quite being an absolute out there Alpha, he has managed to capture my attention and keep it there!

Rower seems to be that kind of man at the moment, he gives me compliments (even if they are hidden in a joke text at times), he appreciates me for what I am, he is amused by the drive I display, he understands my need to be passionate about all I do and in his own way, he appreciates it all and wants to support it and add more to my life. In a very weird way, it makes me really enjoy being with him.

One night as we were drifting off to sleep, he kinda murmured how beautiful I was and how I always looked in my really nice clothes. And last night was very cute- he made a flippant comment (flippant in the sense that I wouldn’t read much into it yet it was out there) saying he really liked how I got him in so many ways. To me, it was actually not cheesy but really nice- it’s the sort of thing I like to hear.

So basically, I am smitten, yes. Will it go anywhere? Who knows! Do I want it to go anywhere? Who knows! Do I want to go exclusive with him? Honestly, I still don’t know- go figure!!



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2 responses to “Smitten Mitten

  1. S C

    Thanks for that awesome posting.

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