Tina Fey Rocks!

You know I have always had a girl crush on Tina Fey, there I admit it!

And what I love about is how she is just so truly an Alpha woman, who wants to be liked but respected more, cares for what she does, a workaholic, has issues with finding a man who gets her and so obviously right for Alec Baldwin! Now in fairness, that’s Liz Lemmon I have a crush on but you know what I mean….

I was seeing the Season 1, episode 20 and 21 and I loved it totally. In so many ways, Jack and Lemmon show what a good team really should be- 2 friends who mentor each other, who hang out, who get each other and care for the opinions. In Episode 20, Lemmon was trying to save Jack from his golddigging fiancee and in Episode 21, Jack’s mother loved Lemmon and wanted her son to be with her while trying to get the message across that the fiancee was a b!tch!!

I think I smell golddiggers even before I see them- but that’s another conversation 😉

Night world.

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