Be the change

For those of you aware of the happenings in India, you know that currently, Anna Hazarre is the man of the moment- he is trying to get the corruption out of the system and that’s no easy task. I am not sure I agree with all the points of the bill he is intent on getting passed but I like the idealogy behind it- I have seen similar things being suggested in other democracies and them still not being corruption free!

There are 2 quotes that keep reminding me about getting to where I want to be and they always inspire me- 1 of them is even inscribed on my iPad- how geeky!

"Be the change you want to see"- Mahatma Gandhi
"I am starting with the man in the mirror,
I am asking him to change his ways"- Michael Jackson

However, a friend of mine shared this story today and it is so beautiful, so touching and so in line with the quotes I mention above. This is the sort of inspiration I hope to be someday!Today, I am reminded yet again, how long a journey lies ahead of me. Here’s hoping someday the generations that come are like the lady mentioned in the story above.

Peace to the world!

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