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This topic has been playing in my head for a few days and so I finally decided to write it down! The other day I was talking to someone and they wondered how I sustained a relationship while I was on the top of my martial arts game.

I realised, the main reason we were both on the top of the game was because we both egged each other on, we competed with each other, yet we pushed each other and helped each other constantly up the game and get better, focus on the important things and find the best way to deal with everything. The two people in a similar situation will always understand each other better than anyone else.

Think about it, in my previous company- one of those names that everyone likes on their CV- always tried to get people to get together with other people from the same organisation! I used to think it was a form of talent retention but didn’t realise how deep it truly was!!!

So what really makes sense in all this? I think it is the same formula as why Silicon Valley and other such hubs form- it’s basic tacit knowledge! If I have knowledge of something and some skills and my partner has some other knowledge and complementary skills, we will always be better than a team with the same thing ‘cos my partner and I would be spending all our time together and due to similar interests, share more of the knowledge that you don’t tend to put on a mail or send as a memo. It also makes more sense as to why power couples become more powerful as every day goes by!

It’s funny, even when I put it in a platonic context, Ryan and I were so much better as a team when we hung out all the time and drove to work together cos we talked of things that weren’t directly related to work and I have seen our results plummeting a bit becos of us not driving to work together…. weird but true!

And this ain’t just in business,every successful couple are both top of their game (don’t need to be C level to be on top of one’s game!) and are constantly pushing and egging the other one forward, to truly realise their inner potential and be the awesome people they are.

And sometimes, it isn’t about even being in the same profession- take politicians and their wives (stereotyping but mostly the case), the wives get information from other wives and committee members of charity boards etc and this is all a part of the political agenda of gathering information and garnering more votes and popularity. See, networking is SO important 😉

I truly believe, to be truly powerful, you need the right support- in the family, the friends and most importantly, your partner ‘cos at the end of the day that is the heart of the hub you form around you and it truly reflects in your achievements- maybe that’s why i am surrounded by such winners (we all support each other!).

Here’s to forming my own mini-hub someday! Cheers. And since I wrote this post some 10 months ago, not rewriting it but feeling this way today- I miss a cuddle 😦



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  1. M P

    I would like you to keep up the good work.You know how to make your post understandable for most of the people and throw a very different perspective to things! I will definitely share it with others.Thanks for sharing.

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