Slump after the high

I have had 2 really good nights- some great moments.

On Tuesday, I caught up with an ex, and it was really good. He allowed me to think about some of the things happening in my life and gave me a massive amount of help with a problem that had been bothering me but it was good to speak to him, more importantly than anything! He and I had our differences but the fact that we are where we are now as friends is awesome and I am delighted that just when I was beginning to think exes can’t be friends, he proved me wrong 🙂 Thanks my dear knight in shining armour, you did it again!

Then last night, I had a friend call over for dinner. He is someone I am very fond of. A genuine guy, a beautiful person and someone I can be me with. He told me that he is hooked up with this girl that I have been wanting him to hook up with for years. And I am over the moon.

On a different note, I did a tarot reading today and it reminded me of the importance of focusing on the vision in the midst of all the action and as my busiest project looms ahead of me, this is pretty good advice.

I found these words below to be very interesting and very well put for what I am going through- not sure if its because of the fact I live so far away from my friends or is it because of where I am personally in life… either way, very eloquent!

Now, after such highs, I am tired and need sleep. It’s the post-sugar slump, me thinks! Toodles all, have fun! x


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