What makes a CEO?

So, my title states I am a part of the ‘C’ suite. My behaviour certainly is that. My life is mostly about work so it goes to show but it doesn’t mean that growth isn’t something I focus on.

I focus on growing myself and growing the organisation too. Infact, I think it is very important for self to grow for the organisation to keep growing.

But one thing I disagree with is the basis of this article- I don’t believe good CEOs are born and can’t be taught. Seriously, are we to believe that all the really successful business leaders out there have that inate quality in them and no one else can get it? That pretty much kills the chance for everyone else. Take me, for example, I was always brought up to believe I was awesome, I was amazing and I would be the chairperson of a big business. Was it that environment and reinforcement that made me the person I am today or was it my nationality or was I just ‘born with it’?

I do believe the fact that I am Indian (and a bania, to top it off, for the Indians who follow me) has definitely helped me be a success today. I do believe the environmental reinforcing has helped me too. But I do believe the skills I have learnt over the years have definitely helped me get to where I am. I was always somewhat strategic- perhaps, yes; definitely, no. I was always very good with people- perhaps, yes; definitely- not! I was always good at organising and executing things- perhaps, yes; definitely, no.

So basically, my personal understanding of what makes a CEO is someone who has the IQ to think big and think of the steps needed to get there and the EQ to bring along the team (which may not always be the perfect mix) to that vision while managing their stress levels and having a successful personal life.

Infact, to me, the last 2 factors are exceptionally important- being able to not lose one;s temper is exceptionally important and being surrounded by a close family is almost a necessity. Yes, I speak from experience.

I have always performed best when I am happy in all fields- when I am loved up, when I know I have that partner, when I have time with my friends, when I get exercise, when I eat healthy, when I get them massages, when I read a good book, when I enjoy a good dinner, when I go for that awesome holiday and not when I am tired, cranky and always feeling like a doormat. It’s important to be content and that comes from within and that’s what helps me perform, or so I believe naively perhaps.

And so today, I went kickboxing 🙂


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  1. An interesting article I came across about tips of being the right CEO- some make sense, some, well- quite skippable, but that must be the generation gap that people talk about!

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