In a year…

I have definitely grown. This time last year, I was wondering what the story with this being my break-up week but today, I think back, thanks to some silliness by SL and more idiocy by TL, I now rebrand the past week to be one of growth and learning.

This week 15 years ago, I lost FL. I still  miss FL. A LOT. But his death taught me that there was no moment like the present, the best laid plans get waylaid due to unforeseen circumstances, scenario changes etc and that it is very important to just go do whatever you really want to do.

And then when I moved on from SL, I realised how empowering it is to believe in yourself. Nothing and absolutely nothing should come between you and your self-respect. It is important to not do anything that will make you lose respect for yourself and anyone who makes you make such a move is not worthy of your time.

And finally, exactly 3 years ago today, I liberated myself. I freed myself from the shackles of family expectations, society expectations and did something that made me happy then and happier today. I made a decision that my little voice kept trying to tell me to, yet my screaming monster kept overriding it but eventually, the small guy won and made me do the right thing. Phew. Thankfully.

So the person I am today is someone I am proud of, someone I respect, someone I trust, someone I inspire, someone who inspires me and someone who wouldn’t be the person she is if it weren’t for the 3 loves I have had, the 3 loves who have broken my heart and hurt me but potentially the top 3 teachers towards making me the person I am today. Thank you all. I wish you all luck and I am delighted our paths crossed. I can only hope I taught you something in the process too.




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3 responses to “In a year…

  1. If I may, I would like for you to read a post that I did a while back… I have a lot of people refer to it for some reason or another…but the theme of your words touched me and reminded me of exactly what I felt in my heart when I wrote that post…. I hope you enjoy it…

    I wish you the best!


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