So messed up!

So… TL got married about 10 days ago and is on my honeymoon.

And guess who he called from it?

Seriously, whats with exes calling me from their honeymoon? This is the second time and I really do not appreciate it! If anything, I am happier to not be with those guys.

And TL, to call me to remind me that 15 years ago I got the news FL passed away is a way of reminding me that you are the one for me and you have moved on and I haven’t- FFS!

Seriously, I was amused when all this happened about an hour ago but now I am just plain angry. ANGRY! I now understand why exes can never be friends- twice in a week, my exes have managed to upset me- and they aren’t even that important a part of my life anymore. Really, how is this possible?!

Men, get a life. And those of who have dignity, self-respect and a life, and happen to be still single, get in touch- I could use a date 🙂



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5 responses to “So messed up!

  1. When you say “men, get a life”….please don’t put all of us in the same basket… that’s some bad karma… Some of us love and adore women…


  2. Oh dear girly….flattery will get you everywhere with me!


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