A couple of days ago I was at a wedding.

It was odd- I went as the date of a guy I have been with in the past and one of the other guests there was SL.

SL came with his girlfriend and completely ignored him even though I raised my hand to him to say hi when I saw him. I know he saw it cos he acknowledged it on text. I mean, where is the decency- either ignore me completely or be completely honest and openly say hi but don’t be so silly and childish.

The ‘tipsy’ me decided I was not in the mood for any games and wanted to teach him a lesson. So wrong. So I texted back and played the game of wanting him with him till I knew I had him hooked and then in front of his girlfriend, I pretty much told him to go climb a gum tree. (I am sneaky, I managed to start chatting to them as another guest at the wedding).

I ended it such that I knew he was left wondering and that it was innocent enough for his girlfriend not to question too much but her not to have no noticed. Yeah, I was sneaky.

Now if only I could remember the things I said so beautifully then. I wish I hadn’t felt so guilty about it last night- I just left him at the point of no return and played mind games of the worst kind. Seriously, ashamed of myself and guilty as can be but well, part of me thinks he deserved it and the other part of me knows he did.

Boys need to grow up. At least he has had the decency to call and apologise for his behaviour and realised he was being exceptionally silly, esp since his girlfriend knew of his history with me and noticed the sexual chemistry (yeah, we still got it!).

It will be interesting to run into them in the future- wonder if he will tell her- there are too many people wo know for him to manage to hide it all his life, esp if they end up together!



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  1. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

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