I am truly beginning to wonder

  • Is it that men can’t handle confident women?
  • Do men like to be so in demand and control that they can’t handle a woman who is self-assured?
  • Do men get attracted to the confident aura but don’t like it really?


  • Is it me?
  • Do I attract the men who are amazing, great catches, lovely people but at the end of it all, they can’t handle a real woman?
  • Or is it something about me that I need to change?
  • Or is it what most ENFP women face on a regular basis- the inability to find a man who can accept our enthusiasm and excitement balanced with our need for peace and some personal space?

Will I ever truly know? Once again, I wonder 🙂

PS Incase you haven’t guessed, TSG and I parted ways tonight and hence, this line of thought!


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