Oddly, very interesting!

So today I realised, when I booked my flights to India, I booked my return on the day before my ex’s wedding. I was actually trying for the date itself but they were sold out and so I chose to fly back a day earlier- weird or what- subconciously, I chose to be away from the whole thought of it all and didn’t really realise it till a few minutes ago while on the phone to Miss Piggy!

And then I decided to send him a quick message, wrote it, deleted it, rewrote it, re-deleted it and in the end, kept quiet. Probably for the best, or else i would have sent it, duh!

However, I learnt in the process he is looking to rent a place post-wedding. Its so weird, it’s like he doesn’t want to do anything we had done or discussed together- he is not moving into the house we bought, he is not continuing living with the parents and he is potentially not gonna have 48 kids and dogs now 🙂

I was invited to the wedding, I was/ am tempted to go but I think the day should be a clean start for the two of them and I don’t think my presence will help so I am going to stand by and wish him luck and try not to feel the odd twinge that I do when I realise he is getting married and I am not even a friend to him anymore- 20 years, how they get forgotten.

Dear TL, I wish you luck and happiness. Most of all, I wish you maturity to deal with things life sends your way. God bless!


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