Businessmen are politicians too

If the past few weeks have taught me anything, it is that politics is a part of our lives more than we realise.

There is politics everywhere- whether it is the politics of sucking up to a boss, the politics of smiling when angry, the politics of being seen to do the right thing, the politics of being at the right event, the politics of living- no matter where one is, we are surrounded by a certain politic!

And often I have wondered why certain competitions care about who we are, who we hang out with, who we date, who we share houses with, where we live, where we went to school, what have we faced in our lives, what we need to more etc etc etc and realised that it is primarily because if you are a leader/ if you are in the public eye, no matter whether you are a public servant or not, you have certain responsibilities and you have to adhere to them!

Ah well, lesson learnt, I just need to be more careful, esp in Ireland, where the business community is small and I stand out for being different… So much for thinking I could be the first generation in years to stay away from politics!


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