Psychic or Designer?!

Sometimes, I wonder if I have psychic powers or if it’s true that even if you think of something you don’t want, you end up getting it ‘cos you are so focused on not messing up…

The other day my best friend got some bad news, something I was expecting to some extent but not something I was prepared for- I was upset about it, maybe even more than him and I wonder if part of it is guilt- guilt at expecting it even though I know/ knew/ believe he deserved to have gotten it actually. I know I am talking in riddles but it’s not my news to share and so I don’t really wanna talk about it.

However, I have since spoken to a few influential people in Ireland and learnt a few things- this country is a lot more about who you know than not, I mean, ALOT more! The perception of who you are is probably more important than your results, sad but true.

This country is too small for comfort at times, everything is public and everyone knows someone- a friend of mine used to work with TSG about 10 yrs ago!

Also, I know my friend’s faults and I realise some of his moves may not have been absolutely right but alas, such is life and he is who he is and I am really proud of him for who he is- warts and all. I know he doesn’t care so much about this but I also know how much it would have meant for him. I so hope someday he gets what he deserves!

On a different note, my psychic abilities fail me in relationships. I know I have only been on 1 date with TSG but we have interacted loads and he is just someone I am very comfortable with. I head away for almost 3.5 weeks to India in a matter of 2 or so weeks and I truly wonder how things will work out- should we go exclusive before, should I let it be, should we talk about it, I am so scared about messing this one up that I really don’t know. I like him, alot, the fact that I will have no interaction for 4 whole days with him is not something I am liking the idea of but c’est la vie… the idea of him potentially being with someone else while I am away is actually not something I like at all and I never thought I was prone to jealousy! Ah, the joys of the initial stirrings (not quite feelings, as Johnny Depp would say ;))

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