Moaners & Screamers

There are moaners, there are screamers, there are the silent types and these are not the orgasms I am talking of, but the girls who get (and fake) them.

Apparently there are even 9 types of orgasms but the one I can’t stand is the one is the fake one, like the one going on in the room next to mine- she is loud and to a great extent, she sounds fake! And I get the feeling, she is loud on the days the guy needs an extra bit of love, she screams louder and I think, she does it to peeve me off. She has said it to him in the past that she doesn’t like me… I used to be indifferent to her till I realised I actually don’t have any time for her and certainly wouldn’t go out of my way for her…

It was so weird- I had the laptop on, radio on and doors closed and could still hear her- what a show- I think she should take on dramatics!

Anyhow, rant over. I know things about her that no one else needs to know and realise she is less of a person than I need to  care for.

Night world, hope we all wake up calmer and more peaceful tomorrow- Joy to the world.

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