Two types…

So this weekend, I had a great chat with an old friend of mine, where we talked of a lot of different things- men, friends, businesses, work, movies etc etc etc…

And the funny thing is we women don’t realise a very fundamentally simple thing about men- there are two types of men- all men are afraid of rejection but one type of man goes for women he knows are not worthy of him but will not reject him and the other goes for women he knows may reject him but he will have missed out  if he didn’t try.

Similarly, there are two types of entrepreneurs- those who have an excellent idea, know it is hard to achieve and will be determined and get there, while the other type will have a good idea but will take the easiest route possible and make it work because they are just really good at it.

And so I had this moment of epiphany where I understood that moment where I was stuck between a hard place and a rock and the reasoning behind why the wrong woman could hold my friend back and why the partner is key for certain decisions related to entrepreneurs….

More and more, I realise why being a part of a power couple is so very important to me- it is who I am, fundamentally- a strong person and I believe I am a catch and should be treated like a Goddess (everyone else gets the princess treatment so it is well, too plebian, for my taste- oh I am such a snob hehehe- but you know what I mean, I treat myself the way I expect to be treated and expect the others to treat me the same way!)

Interesting chat all together with my friend that helped me explore my theory even further- wonder what else will I learn on this subject!



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4 responses to “Two types…

  1. Jim

    are you on linkedin?

  2. A B

    Thanks, its useful for me.

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