(I have the Aretha Franklin song stuck in me head now!)

One of the fundamentals of EVERY relationship in life, or so I think- to me no relationship is complete without RESPECT! And I think this kinda goes with this article I was reading a few days ago about Power Couples.

Yet another one of my theories proven, to some extent anyway- power couples rule. That is, two similarly strong people can taken on the world much better as a team than one strong with someone not as strong/ smart/ intellectual. Basically the theory about opposites attracting is still about two people with similar fundamentals, similar values, similar ideologies supporting each other by optimising on each other’s strengths and working out the best way to deal with the weaknesses. And this only happens when the relationship is founded on trust, loyalty and respect.

And so I know I need to be one half of a power couple, ‘cos that’s what would make me really happy and help me achieve all I have the potential to achieve.

And I think this is why I am having such a tough time with my friends and relationships. Most of my friends are very similar to me- strong, independent personalities willing to take on the world and I think I want someone similar. I want someone who can hold his own and though I have met many a guy who is intellectually on the same page, they are just not right or so my instinct says. And so I keep dating and keep looking 🙂

I think it’s the same instinct that helps me identify the partners for my friends- Crystal was onto me a few days ago and he was telling me how he is glad I was always honest about my feelings about his relationships and how he has lucked out with his current wife. Dr. F was onto me last week as well, saying the very same thing. All in all, it is pretty cool to have such awesome friends with whom I can be so honest and for whom, my instincts can be so right.

And back to me- I came across an interesting article that made me realise maybe I am not so non-materialistic after all- tall men do earn more, hehe. Bah.


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