You know I have always thought I don’t have a type- a type of book to read, a type of friend, a type of man, a type of movie, a type of freedom, a type of massage, a type of sunscreen etc etc etc., however there is a type I do adhere to and it’s for pretty much everything in my life- man/ book/ movie- intelligent. So basically, deep down, when I really think of what makes me happy- it’s intelligence.

I mean, when a masseuse giving me a massage uses her brain to define what’s the right kind of massage for me, when I find a sunscreen that adapts to the needs of my skin, when my car tells me the information I am looking for (fuel average/ average speed etc), I like it- why?! cos there is some element of intelligence.

Therefore, I declare my type is Intelligent- emotionally, physically, mentally and whichever other way it can be, be it something to read, something to see, something to speak, someone to interact with or whatever I interact with- I am gonna try and see how many thing I do on a regular basis are really intelligent and if they aren’t what can I do to make them that way! I want my life to be the intelligent type- after all, I can only live it once.

Side note: Talking of types, this message Pixie sent me re Ryan and his girls is brilliant “Hilarious how X noticed straight how much Ryan is into his blondes- whether attractive or not”- so true. Funnier still was the fact she said it in reference to Miss Piggy! However, as mentioned in a previous post, his type are the manipulative b!tches- the type Crystal used to go for in the past, odd that eh?


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