Men’s Jewels

Some interesting facts I learnt in a recent Cosmo about men and their best friends- the real one, his family jewels- and for the uninitiated, I am not referring to the diamonds and sapphires here!

  • They get 11 erections a day!
  • They provide self-relief 8 times a week.
  • Men use their manhood to measure their masculinity. So apparently, size does matter, but mainly to them.
  • “A pen!s can ruin your morals and cloud your judgement. He’s my best friend and my worst enemy.”- words by a man on his manhood. (I can totally relate to these- I have seen many men do things they normally wouldn’t do or approve of, just to get lucky in the sack- and despite all I have heard and read, I can’t reconcile myself to this fact)
  • Like a woman’s anatomy, no two are the same- size, shape, inclination, etc- everything is unique to every man.
  • Unlike women, men never discuss what’s normal and so build up a lot of insecurities.
  • One can buy padded underwear to make your pelvic area look more well-endowed than it is! (And we women thought only we could put those chicken fillets to use, eh?! ;))
  • More men enquire about pen!s enlargement surgery than women do about breast enlargement! (Now this came as a surprise to me, a BIG surprise)
  • The average erect pen!s is 6.5 inches (and the average vag!na is 3 inches)
  • Some common nicknames for their man hood are: Beef soldier, giggle stick, cucumber of love, Cyclops, Cupid’s arrow

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