The Oracle

So, yet another one of my friends got engaged today. And even before he was serious about his lady, I had said to him “This is the girl you will marry”.

Years ago, just as Dr. F had started dating Mrs. F, I recall telling our mutual best friend “This was the one”.

Similarly, I have made many such predictions about my friends- mostly right. I even made one such comment about myself- and well, it didn’t work out or well, it hasn’t so far- in the future, *shrug*, no clue- less than likely!

Going back to my thinking on trust, I wonder is it just my intuition, me knowing my friends really well or what is it that makes me see true love and recognise it for what is it?! And is it the fact that I know what true love should feel like- not because Cosmo articles tell me, but because I just know- that I keep shirking away from the other relationships?! :s

Someday hopefully, I will play Oracle to my own life, in the meantime, I shall enjoy my new found status as one for the next few minutes 🙂

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