A Small Part of Me Died Today

Ryan lied to me today- for the first time ever, a proper lie and it hurt. It hurt A LOT. And with it, a small part of me died.

Agreed I over-reacted over some stuff but I had kept quiet till he asked me a question and opened a can of worms. The details are not really important, let’s just say it involves Ryan and Piggy (yeah, that’s one nickname that’s coming to this forum without any change) snuggling up and making me feel like a 3rd wheel while talking of how she felt awkward at a date as a 5th wheel- weird or what.

I would love to believe Ryan and I would actually remain friends first but somehow I suspect, I am all about the work now and I will stay till the company is not gonna get damaged by my leaving but I think after that, it might be a case of parting ways so our friendship can stay intact. Am not sure this proximity is doable when both of us are unwilling to be open and honest with each other. Sad but true.

I hope someday, we all learn!


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