Valentine’s Day…

We all know St. Valentine’s is the patron saint of this romantic (and a bit too mushy) day but Hallmark has made a great marketing ploy of it- some cool lessons there and I could get into that but I think, I will keep this post less management/ businessy (for the moment, anyway).

For years, I have never celebrated this day but now, I am beginning to change- whether it’s because I am opening my life to love all over again or just because I am actually getting over my past loves. My favourite memory of Valentine’s Days are with FL & SL. When we were in school, FL got me 101 roses and many happy memories and many years later, SL gave me a very romantic weekend in this random spot in Kerry- still one of my favourite places in the world. And each time it was unexpected and unwanted- I was in romantic relationships and felt there was a need for a special day but as I see the effort people put into it, the smiles it brings, I am beginning to change- I would still choose a glass of champagne and a lovely meal at home than the big hullabulla but the day is not just another day… I only hope I don’t change into one of those who cares about the present she got and gets upset when it’s just bubble bath or some such! I hope I can enjoy a simple surprise of a movie I like and great food, always. With the glass of champagne, of course.

And it seems I am not the only one thinking that way- The Mother can teach me a few manipulative moves- she refused to meet Ryan today ‘cos she thought it was too relationshippy but sent him a massive pressie, unsigned and he obviously replied to her- letting her know she was the only one on the scene. Very well-played cards. Gotta admire her will to get him hooked… Oh boy, she can teach me a few!!

My day has been busy but I managed to read a brilliant article about work-spouses and it just reminded me of Ryan and me- that is so us.

And later still, came across this interesting article about what triggers our brains towards more amorous behaviour 🙂

And on a lighter note, here’s why people should date me, heheh.


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