Naturally cool…


Recently, on a night out, looking at someone’s outfit, a friend commented how someone “natually cool” can get away with so many more faux-pas! But what defines naturally cool?!

So I surveyed my friends, my family and other people I would define as naturally cool (sounds like an icecream brand to me) then there seem to be some features that are obvious to me but to me these are features that naturally endears me to them- their comfort in their own skin, their happiness with their decisions in life, their intellectual ability, their emotional knack, their way of living- they are smart, talented, intelligent, fun and confident. But these are characteristics that I share in common with most of them so does it mean that this is naturally cool or does this mean that people like ourselves are naturally cool?!

And is that why I have a tough time finding people I like, even to just hang out with, ‘cos they are not naturally cool? ‘Cos I actually think that time on a computer/ reading a book/ watching a movie/ meditating is more fruitful than meeting someone new?

On a completely different note, I did my tarot today and this is what I have taken away from it:

  • Time for me to shine, to show off my talents and to go forth without a care in the world
  • Time for me to focus on my intuition
  • I have the capacity to be very psychic and clairvoyant but when I meet my match, I will become really good at it
  • The man I marry will reach his goals, fulfill his dreams and acquire wealth after getting me on his side (Big head here!!)
  • I need to forgive when the person deserves forgiveness and I need to stop thinking that the world is against me (I thought I had but obviously not)
  • I need to strike a balance in my life- in just about every sphere
  • I need to truly answer “Am I ready for a new relationship”
  • I need to believe in hope and find inner harmony
  • Apparently, the man I am likely to end up with is facing a moment of readjustment in his own life and going through a tough period of his own

It’s weird how so many different things are trying to tell me the same thing. Hmmm, to find my true self… this should be interesting. Meditation, here I come.


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