Mystery solved?! But opens new questions…

So, a couple of days ago, after a very long time, I caught up with one of my exes- Elethiomel. Our relationship wasn’t very long, nor did it last long enough for us to fall in love but we did get along fabulously and fortunately still do. In the conversation, it turned out that he had not been with anyone since we split up almost 10 months ago.

Now, he is a fantastic guy- great personality, cute, fantastic sense of humour, gentlemanly, caring, well-read, passionate about his work, tall and at the risk of giving too much information- good in bed too. So all in all, a great package. His lack of timing (or sense of) was a massive thorn in our relationship though and one we couldn’t overcome. Combined with our hectic schedules, our lives being at different places, we ended up having to drift apart… and honestly, when I think of him now, I am glad we are friends and don’t really miss the relationship aspect that much- of course, every so often, one wants someone to cuddle and watch Madagascar with!

It makes me wonder how many other amazing men are out there and how does one get to them… is it only through word of mouth? All my friends know the sort of men I go for and know I am open to the idea of a relationship or at least flirting, so that ones covered. Many of them have hobbies but aren’t part of any hobby clubs because they have their set of friends and are happy to just hang out with them and pursue their hobbies with them, so that’s not always an option.

At least it is heartening to know that there are still many options out there! Now to get to the next part of the mystery- Finding Them! Here’s hoping I find my gem soon.



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2 responses to “Mystery solved?! But opens new questions…

  1. Alyce Langley

    What if you really like someone and you have been in and out of a relationship with them? What does that qualify as?

  2. Alyce- I suppose that is more than friends with benefits, I mean a relationship implies there’s more than just the occasional release of needs… but that’s my opinion only 🙂

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