“I wanna be my own boss”

These words are so common, so many people say them. And I can completely see the beauty in it:

  • It shows ambition & drive- characteristics I completely understand
  • It shows gumption- no one gets to the top without some risk
  • It shows the understanding of freedom- there is something nice about not really reporting into anyone
  • It shows responsibility- oh boy! being your own boss means answering to the biggest critic- yourself and your parents (mostly)
  • It shows vision- you need to think ahead and plan it if you wanna get there

On the flip side though, may don’t realise there are downsides too:

  • You never switch off- work is a part of your breath, work is what you think of all the time, work is what you dream of, work is #1 and there’s no question about it
  • You are responsible for feeding a lot of other mouths- some directly, some indirectly
  • You may think you can take time off whenever you want but you can’t- you are the linchpin, you need to make sure everything keeps happening
  • Your day is never your own, even though you love it and you adore what you do…

Though saying all this, I will have it no other way! If one treats being their own boss as really that and meets their targets etc and don’t just use being the boss as an excuse to not perform or live up to their employees’/ customers’ expectations, then they will realise it is the toughest job ever.

No wonder you need a massive foundation of hardwork and passion. Thank God I have large amounts of those- I will be needing them in the next while, I suspect… fingers crossed.

EDIT: Added new:

Someone else (in NYT) was obviously thinking being one’s own boss today- the ups & downs, as well. Enjoy the read.


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