Friends with Benefits

You know the other day, a mate and I were just talking and he was telling how he and a certain lady friend have agreed to be just friends with benefits and how it is the perfect relationship, due to the lack of pressure etc. Now, I think Friends with Benefits is the best type of a relationship too, but for different reasons…

I mean, in a good friendship, the two parties are both equals, they have fun, they support each other, they share laughs/ tears/ joys/ dreams etc etc etc and I, for one, have been very luck with my friends… the biggest ingredients in keeping them close and strong are the respect, the loyalty and the trust we share. Of course, elements like a nice person, good characteristics, intellectual prowess and the moral grounding automatically get taken into account.

So the real difference between a very good friendship and a relationship is pretty much the physical intimacy. And once you have “that benefit” too, it is friends with benefits. And the thing, in my romantic head anyway, is that the strings aren’t an add on, they were already there and you’ve just taken things forward a step and the commitment comes from the fact that you already care about the person.

So yes, my ideal relationship is still Friends With Benefits. Maybe that’s why I feel there are certain male friends in my life that I wouldn’t mind getting into a relationship/ marriage with ‘cos I have practically everything else with them already and maybe that explains why certain close friends of mine have suggested hooking up in the past!

I think if it’s any other definition, I will go with calling it F*ck Buddies ‘cos in fairness, that’s all it is. If you really cared for a friend and there were benefits and either party was not serious, it’s kinda horrible. Ah well, my 2 cents worth.

On a different topic, we all know how MASSIVE a fan I am of hugs– apparently Twitter/ virtual hugs can have some good in them too… so dish the love out, folks- physically and virtually 🙂


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2 responses to “Friends with Benefits

  1. Brooks West

    …….Thanks in part to movies you like and the forthcoming the subject of friends who have sexual relations with one another is enjoying an unprecedented degree……… According to some recent research in the field of psychology the idea of friend with benefits actually reports that it is harmful to both the parties in the agreement, unless of course everyone takes its meaning to be the same as you.

  2. You are not the first person to mention that Friends with Benefits is not a very good position to be in but I suppose, each to their own 🙂

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