An update of sorts

So the past while has been a bit interesting- a lot of the guys from my past have made a reappearance…

The Chef- wants to rekindle things but still is convinced Ryan and I will end up together and can’t fathom the friendship :/

The Geek- he drove me all the way home from Dublin ONLY to spend some time with me. Very sweet but very spineless and an exceptionally terrible kisser!

Freedom- Don’t think I have mentioned him in the past. Went on one date with him, knew he was totally into me but I just wasn’t physically interested in him. I mean, nice enough guy but not quite the Alpha male I hope to be with. Potential to be a great friend is what I had pegged him for but it seems, he is keen to try more- every few days, I hear from him and it’s definitely flirting…

On the other hand, I am thinking of trying online dating- I mean, one never knows who I might meet and if nothing else, I might make some local friends… I am one who believes in the initial connection (not in love at first sight) and I really doubt any online introduction can replicate that! Either which way, time to have a bit of fun and enjoy the attention, I suppose 🙂

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