Who am I… by colours!

Well, there is a part of me that is always keen to understand myself, the world around me, the people I deal with better… and so, I use things like the enneagram (Type 7 with an 8 wing) and MBTI (ENFP with a strong ENTJ) to understand myself better.

Today, someone said I am a “blue” and even though I haven’t used the colours too often, I recall being a different colour- in the need to try and find those results, I found yet another colour test about myself from years ago: The colours are placed in order of what I like most to like least and the order makes me who I am- the italicised bits are those not relevant to me!


  • Passion, energy
  • Impulsive, sexy and a will to win (in 1st position)
  • Good leader
  • Want to expand horizons and live life to the fullest
  • In 7th or 8th position- desire for life and thirst for adventure have become less

  • Calmness, loyalty
  • Sensitive and easily hurt
  • Never panic and are in control of your life, content with the way you are going
  • Desire to lead an uncomplicated and worry-free life and will sacrifice certain goals for it
  • Need a stable relationship
  • Tend to put on weight
  • Later it appears in the sequence, the unhappier and unssatisfied you are but you tend to suffer in silence


  • Happiness, relaxation
  • Optimistic (when chosen in 2nd, 3rd or 4th place)
  • Find life easy
  • Can be hardworking but you tend to lead a carefree life
  • 1st place- eager to please, ambitious
  • Lower yellow is the sequence, the more your hopes have been dashed and you have given up

  • Firmness, resistance to change
  • 1st place: persistent, possessive, selfish, achiever and accumulator of materialistic things
  • Lower green is, the more your ego has been bruised and can be critical, sarcastic and stubborn

  • Conflict between impulsiveness and calm senstivity
  • Wants a mystical, magical relationship
  • The later in the sequence, the more mature the person is and has outgrown the fantasy of life

  • Negation of colour- implies NO
  • 1st place: revolt against fate
  • 2nd place: willing to do anything to achieve your goals
  • 7th or 8th place: control over one’s destiny, balanced outlook

  • Physical well-being and an indicator of health
  • 4th or 5th place: not concerned about your health and body
  • 1st place: restless, insecure
  • 8th place: don’t care enough about the body

  • Neutral
  • 1st: wanna shut down and remain free, non-committal
  • 8th: eager and enthusiastic- will try everything to achieve their goals


Curiously, I googled another test to see if I could get the one my friend was alluding to, but unable to do so, I stumbled across another one and this is what it says about me: very interestingly true for the moment:

  • Currently am very social and need a social environment where people can (and do) depend on me
  • Currently (I like to believe always) adaptable and a go-getter
  • Am getting stressed due to lack of recognition and achievements in my current situation and am feeling dissatisfied (SO very true)
  • Feel the need to make friends with people with equally high standards and brains and be admired by them all
  • Want to be in control and am scared of letting myself go to someone else (So true again- every time I let my guard down, I get shot down… catch 22!)
  • Feel isolated and alone, and in order to not appear weak- will remain emotionally aloof and will give the air of superiority (Not too sure about the last bit but that’s for those who know me to tell me!)
  • Feel as if I am not receiving my fair share and am unable to rely on anyone for support
  • Keeping my emotion bottled- I will make the best of everything (Oh boy, too true)
  • Flexible, laidback, will work towards my goals- overcoming any difficulty, I tend to feel I carry more than my share of problems
  • Current situation is leaving me doubtful, cautious and scared of becoming intimately involved with others (Really?!!)
  • I am feeling forced to make bargains and sell myself short and put aside my own desires (last one especially)
  • (Apparently) finding happiness and satisfaction through sex (with whom?!!!! Someone tell me 😉 hehe)
  • Want a full life with activities, lots of experiences, and an intimate relationship offering sexual and emotional satisfaction (Doesn’t everyone?! I certainly do- nail on the head!)
  • Though I love making new plans, setting new goals, I feel the need to be respected (damn right- draft on respect been sitting for ages!) and want to be admired for my achievements
  • Scared I wouldn’t get all I want and so I tend to push myself further… (never do I want to settle for second best and why should I?!)

Scary and freaky how true this is!!!


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