To let or not to let…

I have been toying with the idea of getting my own place in Dublin to rent… the reasons that motivate me are:

  • I don’t have to ask my friends, who are exceptionally good at putting me up
  • I don’t always meet people I can spend the night with and then I feel guilty waking someone at 2 am after a night out
  • I get my own space from Ryan

Or am I being ridiculous- I mean, I have friends who are ok with me using their house and if anyone living in my area did this, I would take it personally…

Throwing money down the drain or taking my life in my hand- which way should I go?! :s


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One response to “To let or not to let…

  1. After much thought, after pondering for a while- I have decided to NOT rent. If I need to stay the night somewhere every so often, I will book into a hotel or something… but renting, tempting as it is, may not be the best idea. At least, for the moment.

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