Now, I never really liked the word “floozy”- to me, it’s very bimbosque and those sort of people don’t really come on my radar… However, these days, I seem to be using it a lot to describe the women my best friend dates- ‘cos, to be honest, snooty/ snobby as it may sound, that’s what they are- they seem to be empty-headed, gold-diggers, lacking in self-confidence… So far, I didn’t really dislike them- I was just indifferent to them and didn’t hold them in very high regard- but today, I think that might have turned against them.

For the first time ever, my best friend asked me to change who I am and how I interact with him in front of them- he thinks, this is being sensitive to them but I think this is completely ridiculous as it amounts to lying! I mean, if they cannot accept a friendship for what it is, because they don’t have the confidence to believe in themselves, then is it really my issue and something I should change myself for?! Especially someone I don’t care about. And the fact that he asked me this made me lose a notch of respect for him- I know he’s doing it without asking me to change in his opinion, but the fact that he’d rather stand up for some chic to get a bit of loving than his own friend hurt, and it hurt deep.

I might be overreacting here, acc to him, I am but I feel a relationship should be the same always- I don’t change who I am or how I interact with someone ‘cos of someone else… yeah, I may be a bit restrained in the way I show affection in certain instances but for the most part, I don’t change the way I am- the caveat being in a business situation!

AAAAAARGH- men! Sometimes, they frustrate me SO much. Right now, I am furious and exceptionally annoyed. No one and absolutely no one, tells me to change who I am. If you can’t handle me, you are welcome to walk away but there’s no pretence- what you see is what you get.

——– EDIT: 11/2/2011——-

I came across a brilliant article about how a man should marry a woman who doesn’t read: floozy in my world 🙂 .



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2 responses to “Floozies!

  1. I thought when I read this post, I’d see why I was being silly or get his perspective, but honestly, I still don’t- this is who I am, this is how I interact with a person and if someone else can’t accept it, tough luck.

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