The day that was

What a day! What a year!! What a decade…

Yesterday was one of the most awesome days I have had in this holiday- maybe because it was my only ME time completely- I went to 2 gorgeous temples to kick off the day and the hike was amazing- 6 kms in 3 hours, uphill, downhill, all terrain but so serene, so calming, so peaceful, I loved it. And then on to a floating village before getting to Phnom Penh.

Now, red wine on an empty stomach is a surefire way of me getting drunk really, really quick and especially when my head is full of dreams I want to achieve- kinda linked with the theories I was discussing a couple of days ago. So anyway, post a pretty sh!tty dinner, with no water, the red wine went straight to my head and I was VERY drunk…. which meant that since we had to come to the hotel to take our credit card, I was put to bed.

Now, what transpired is this and something so not me, yet so me:

30 mins or so later, I woke up and crossed the road to sit on the parapet by the river, enjoy the breeze and just sober up- it was lovely till a sleazy guy thought I was a prostitute!!!!!!! Ugh- yeah I know my top was awesome and it looked well and yes, I was in a happy mood but still!

Not sure how long I sat there, but eventually decided to go into a few bars (I had absolutely NO cash so not sure what I was thinking) and partied with many random people- there were these really nice Polish dudes who had terrible English and so we were using all sorts of sign language to chat, discuss and have a laugh. They got me a few drinks and I promised them a good time in Ireland in return- wonder if they will contact me or even find me since I wasn’t using my name! I hope they do.

I decided to walk to the river again but as I was crossing the road, I bumped into a really cute American- kinda preppy looking but really nice who I ended up chatting to for ever- it must have been a good few hours because my phone shows me ringing Mr. I at 5:16 am when I got back to an empty room!

The weird thing is the lack of hangover today, the feeling of completely uninhibition, the lack of clarity still in my head about achieving my 3rd dream- my gut tells me it’s time and it’s close but I feel there is an unidentified obstacle in my path… and it’s driving me crazy! My friends all think I am being blind and stupid yet I don’t see it that way though in the past, my friends have almost always been right and shown me the path. I am so confused but I feel happy and content and that’s a great start to 2011.

What a year 2010 was, I did so much, What a decade it has been- from street partying in Thailand to riverside dining in Cambodia, I sure as hell came a long way! Ha!


Happy New Year all- may 2011 be the year of new dreams being achieved, old dreams being fulfilled, laughter, happiness, self-satisfaction and contentment in every which way.

Love x

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  1. And oh- forgot to say, I feel like such a teenager- woke up with a hickey for the first time in years! Ha!

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