Theories in me head…

Theory 1: I burn when I use sunscreen

So, the other day we went tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos- one of those must-do back-packing activities that are actually quite a bit of fun and a wee bit dangerous. Now even though it is their winter, the sun was very strong and the temperature pretty warm- early 20s, me thinks! Anyhoo, I had factor 60 sunscreen, Ryan had 50 and Spartacus didn’t put on any. At the end of the day, Ryan was pretty badly burnt, I was burnt too- and Spartacus was fine. The only times I have EVER been burnt were after I moved to Ireland, after I started using sunscreen and it didn’t matter when I reapplied. So is waterproof sunscreen really waterproof and does sunscreen really stop a sunburn?! I tried this theory today- stepped out in the Cambodian sun to see temples- no sunscreen and even though I had tonnes yesterday, my skin was red, but today- with no sunscreen- I came back a shade or two darker but without the burn feeling. This really makes me wonder! A part of me is cautious and thinks I shouldn’t risk skin cancer but still…

Theory 2: Successful Entrepreneurs and THAT lady

Now we all know my life is full of some very successful entrepreneurs and some very successful intrapreneurs. The funny thing is in each of them, I have also seen truth in the statement “behind every man is a successful woman” even if they will not acknowledge it too openly, they all depend on this one lady alot. And though in some cases, not in any I have known, the woman might be the mother or sister, it is usually, and so in my personal circle, the partner. Some of these ladies are not as alpha as their males, but they are all VERY good in their own way-

  • either as housewives who can juggle being a host, the perfect guest, etc;
  • as partners who have their own stuff really well together and know how to play the host, the lady, the guest and those different avatars;
  • as a business advisor who is always there- juggles being a mentor, a friend, a supporter and all the other avatars as well
  • or the one who is a partner in every way- in business, in personal and all other aspects of life.

In all of these, I have seen the housewife example most in the generations before me- few in my generation are not working and that was the norm- but then, these ladies run the house completely, they manage it like a business and they ensure the man had little to worry about and in closed doors, they provide a LOT of counsel.

The lady with her act together is more common in my generation but it is usually in the case of intrapreneurs- he wants the risk but is afraid to make the move, she keeps him grounded yet she gives him the illusion he is doing something daring and to some extent, stops him from reaching his extent but because they are both well matched, it works out really well.

The business advisor one is exceptionally common and the only way it works is when the woman is just as strong-headed and alpha as she is the only woman he listens to.

The partner is THE best match though- I have seen a good few of these cases and the funny thing is in my circle, ALL the really successful entrepreneurs, all the ones who have done well, all the one who are actually going places have found themselves this one lady.

I know this post has assumed only men are entrepreneurs, we all know that’s not true but I suppose I am thinking from my perspective- I have done my entrepreneurial stint, I have identified that my core strength is making a company grow and ideally when it is in its entrepreneurial phase and I have identified that I want an equal so does this mean I should ideally be looking for an alpha male who is already an entrepreneur or one who is about to become one?! Hmmm… and based on this fact, since I am a business partner to Ryan, should I be moving away from him and the company we have built together so far once I know someone else can do the rest?!

And do my theory or hypotheses have any more basis than just that these are my observations and the way I perceive things to be?!


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7 responses to “Theories in me head…

  1. Brilliant Blog 🙂 As for theory one, i think it depends on the person. as for me… i seem to get sun burnt whether i have sun cream on or not, which is very annoying!

    Im new to wordpress, and only got it today but im hoping to create a regular blog of my own, so this has inspired me further, thank you.

    • Thanks for the words!
      I seem to get sunburnt ONLY with sunscreen- still testing the theory 😉
      As regards the people- I agree it does but I think there is a linkage in the sort of partner and success though. Look forward to reading your blog 🙂
      Happy New Year.

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