Fueling corruption or supporting tourism?!

So there are a million different cruises one can do in Halong Bay- or the Bay of Descending Dragons- but there is one company called IndoChina that provides better cruises as they have their own private fishing village, their own private cave, their own private island and completely away from the 60 odd other boats- however, I suspect this is done not “because the Director has great relationships with the government and is trying to clean the bay” but due to the exchange of a fair amount of money…

On a different aspect, the upkeep of Ho Chi Minh’s embalmed body costs the Vietnamese government US$3 billion per annum- and they charge NO fee to see it- for Vietnamese or foreigners. And by the sound of it, this is the only thing the communist government provides free in this state!

By going on that particular cruise, by going to see the body- am I fueling corruption or just doing the right thing as a tourist- ‘cos there is an argument that Halong Bay (or aspects of it) will be kept clean and preserved due to the potential tourist attraction and the possible incoming revenue and that to see Ho Chi Minh, some might travel a fair distance and that attracts tourism… is this my way of justification for an unintentionally incorrect deed I might have committed?! Hmmm….


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